You-Can-Do-It-Quarter Marathon

No time limit – the goal is to cross the finish line smiling

Start about 13:20 in the Eichwald Stadium of Müllheim


The distance is 10.8 km long. The total altitude difference is 145 m (about 500 ft). The course is 60 % unpaved forest and field paths and 40 % asphalt with pleasant lookouts.


Streckenprofil Viertelemarathon

Enjoyable refreshment stations

Kilometer 3 - Grapevine Lookout
Gutedel with the country girls (Gutedel, cold drinks)

Kilometer 6 - Le Vosges Lookout
Full bottles at Susan (Weißburgunder, ripe bananas, kiwis, apples)

Kilometer 8 - Markgräfler Lookout

Spätburgunder and Elderberry (Spätburgunder, canapees)

Kilomenter 10,8 - Finish Line

Champaign, vegetable consommé and canapees

All stations offer drinks from the Lieler Schlossbrunnen (mineral water, apple juice, etc.).


Prize-free zone: Every participant will receive a momento and a certificate with photo (to be downloaded from the internet). Photos of the winners will be taken in the vicinity of the finish line. Valuable prizes will be awarded to:

Prizes will only be distributed to those who are present. The number and quality of the prizes may change from year to year. Final decisions on prizes are the prerogative of the competition court.

Calorie Burn Men
(10 km x bodyweight x 0,85 kcal) + (bodyweight x 0,028 x (65 min - total time))

Kalorienverbrauch Frauen
(10 km x bodyweight x 0,85 kcal) + (bodyweight x 0,028 x (65 min - total time)) x 1,1

Conditions for participation
Participants must be as least 12 years old. Above 18, everyone is responsible for himself. Parents are responsible for their children. The official participation requirement can be found here.

Class divisions
Male / Female 15- and 5- year divisions up to Male / Female 70.